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Our Impact

Since 2014, the Renew Landbank has specialized in returning vacant and abandoned properties to productive use. Through dynamic collaboration and thoughtful community engagement, the Renew Landbank has leveraged vacant properties to create vibrant communities. Our impact has provided affordable homeownership opportunities, leveraged private investment, and stabilized neighborhoods hit hardest by discrimination and disinvestment.

1,271 Abandoned Properties returned to productive use (sold)


794 Vacant Lots Sold

470 Dwellings Sold

7 Commercial Properties sold

33% of sales sold for Affordable Housing Development

11% of sold to Homesteaders.

$126,716,400 leveraged private investment.

16,346 Applications Received

Average time to close: <2 months

496 Properties taken through the Quiet Title Process

922 Neighborhood Organizations engaged

abandoned house
rehabbed home
before and after photo of a rehabbed lot