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renew Landbank

Returning vacant and abandoned properties to productive use

Renew Landbank returns abandoned and blighted properties to productive use. Renew Landbank is committed to helping people invest in revitalizing communities through an open, transparent, and straightforward process.

Technical Assistance

  • The Renew Landbank offers technical assistance to Municipalities, County Governments, non-profits, and regional agencies. Services include property management techniques, portfolio management, marketing, and engagement.
  • Additionally, Intend staff supports local landbanking funding efforts through grant writing assistance.

Programmatic & Policy Advising

  • How can local government stop the cycle of chronically abandoned properties? Who needs to be engaged? What power do landbank authorities have in the tax sale process? When do cities need a landbank partner? The Renew Landbank offers programmatic and policy advising, assisting partners in drafting policies and procedures that further proactive property reuse.

Capacity Building

  • The Renew Landbank helps build partner capacity through knowledge transfer, data sharing, and technical assistance.

Landbank Management

  • Building upon experience and successful programming, the Renew Landbank can manage a landbank in partnership with a governmental entity or non-profit.


  • The Renew Landbank supports landbanking efforts across Indiana. Our impact is a testament to the power of public-private-partnerships and pragmatic policy. Our team advocates for landbank-enabling legislation, ordinances, and interlocal-agreements across all levels of government.

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